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About Me


As a fourth year university student, I was able to achieve success through having tutors for different classes, mainly in mathematics. This allowed me to see the importance of having a tutor and what role they can play in students' lives.

Tutorhall aims to help students grades 4-12 gain confidence in their mathematic abilities in order to tackle greater challenges in their academic lives! I am extremely passionate about helping other students achieve success in their academics.

How It Works

How It Works


Quality, A+ Mathematics tutoring over Zoom. If you are struggling with algebra, geometry, or simply would like help with homework, we're here to help!

Tutoring Options

Online One on One Lessons:

Quality online lessons over zoom

Levels of Teaching

Elementary School

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First Year Calculus

Online Group Sessions:

Prefer tutoring with a group of students? Get in touch with us!


What Happy

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Parents Say

“Essam was able to help my child get an A in his math course. Initially he was struggling, but Essam was able to break down the concepts in such an easy way!”

Alexandra F.

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